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A challenging and accelerated experience for advanced learners


Welcome to Telra Institute

Telra Institute is a K-8 charter school

In 2024, Telra will expand to K-9 and continue growing by one grade each year to take our students through high school

Fall 2024 admissions for grades K-9 are open!

Applicants will be on our mailing list for tours and placement tests

Watch our information session videos for prospective families
New info sessions for 2024 coming soon!

1. Why Telra
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Telra Institute is a tuition-free public school in the south Charlotte metro.

Read about our location, calendar, transportation, meals, uniforms, and more.

Photo of Telra Institute building with flag in front

What makes Telra different?

What program do we offer?

Our grouping model optimizes instructional time


More learning

The Telra experience looks different for every student

Each child follows their own trajectory through Telra

Be the first to know about Telra news and important dates for enrollment
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