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Does your child

like moving


Finish school work quickly?

Often bored?

Restless and active?

Moving Fast








Advanced Learners Word Cloud

Maybe you recognize your child here...

Word Cloud REV.png

Advanced or gifted learners often show some of these traits, but no individual has them all.

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Parents frequently tell us that when they ask what their child learned at school, it's disheartening to hear, "Nothing," as the response.


Boredom in school can lead to behavior problems and lower achievement.

Many children will learn better, if we let them move faster.

At Telra, we nurture challenge and encourage tailored acceleration.  Most of our students will finish 5th grade one to three years ahead of the standard course of study. This isn't (usually) because they skip grades.  Rather, we compact the curriculum.


Think about it this way:  A student who starts with Telra in Kindergarten and moves through the curriculum 17% faster than "standard" will be one full grade level ahead by they time finish 5th grade.  (Since Telra students work beyond grade level, they are not assessed at "grade level standards."  We use our own Telra Institute Standards, which go somewhat beyond grade level.)


Only a small fraction of kids are ready to skip an entire grade, but many children will learn content at least 20% faster if given a chance.

If Telra sounds like a good fit for your child, read about our admissions process here.

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