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Beliefs & Commitments

Telra Institute is a tuition-free school in Charlotte that provides a rigorous and accelerated experience
for advanced learners.

Our Beliefs

  • WE'RE NOT INTO LABELS.  Many children will thrive and blossom if given the opportunity to participate in a full-time advanced/accelerated curriculum. This is true whether or not they have been formally identified as gifted.

  • TEACHING CONTENT AND SKILLS.  Rich materials  establish subject-area knowledge which in turn provides the foundation for critical thinking & reasoning skills, mathematical & literary fluency, resilience, and a problem-solving mindset that will position children to succeed wherever their talents and passions take them.


  • MODELING LIFELONG LEARNING.  A vibrant educational environment should engage students and faculty in a spirit of innovation and continuous learning.

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Our Beliefs
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Our Commitments

  • TO OUR STUDENTS:  We will instill in you a lifelong sense of curiosity, passion, initiative, and tenacity, along with high expectations and the capacity to achieve them.

  • TO OUR STAFF:  We value the experience, talents, and dedication you bring to the calling of education, and we commit to support your growth and develop you as professionals.

  • TO OUR PARENTS:  We are humbled by the trust you place in us to educate your children, and we pledge to engage you as partners in our mission with openness and fellowship.

Our Commitments
Our Name

Teleology, (from Greek telos, “end,” and logos, “reason”), explanation by reference to some purpose, end, goal, or function.

Our Name

Teleologic Education Leveraging Research Advances

We know that’s a mouthful, and it’s why we prefer simply “Telra.”  It means we want our students to understand how what they’re learning in school is relevant to the real world and their place in it. And it means that, as faculty, we push ourselves to continually learn and use data-driven insights to improve our approach to education.

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