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  • Admissions Overview | Telra Institute

    Admissions Overview Telra Institute is enrolling for elementary and select middle school grades for the 2022-2023 academic year. Welcome and thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the Telra Institute family. Telra is a nonprofit tuition-free public charter school authorized by the State of North Carolina. We adhere to an open admissions and enrollment policy. Here's how the process works: 1. Submit an online application (it takes just 5 minutes on your smartphone or computer) 2. Receive acceptance/ waitlist notification Open enrollment began 2/4/22 and ended on 3/13/22, with a lottery run on 3/14/22. Applications received after the lottery are added to the wait list in the order they are received after applying any applicable admission preferences. Learn More or Apply Now 3. Complete enrollment by submitting documents FAQ's Who can apply? ​ Should I apply? ​ When do I apply? ​ How are students selected? ​ How does the lottery work? ​ How do I apply? ​ What's next if my child is admitted? ​ What about future years? ​ What are the documentation requirements? ​ Why doesn't Telra have an admissions screening? ​ Why did my child move backward on the waitlist? ​ Where is the school? What about transportation, meals, uniforms, etc? Who can apply? We invite applications from all children who meet AGE and RESIDENCY REQUIREMENTS : ​ AGE - ​ A child who reaches the age of five years on or before August 31 qualifies to enter Kindergarten. Limited exceptions apply. ​ NORTH CAROLINA RESIDENCY - Attendance is open to applicants from any county or school district area as long as the child's primary residence is in the state of North Carolina. ​ DOCUMENTATION - Documentation is not required at the time of application, but if your child is admitted, proof of eligibility must be provided to complete enrollment. Should I apply? We want every child to find the best school environment that helps them realize their potential. We invite you to review Choosing A School to learn what makes Telra special. When do I apply? ​ We want every child to have an equal opportunity to attend our school. All applications received during Open Enrollment will be given equal consideration. The order in which Open Enrollment applications are submitted has no bearing on chances for selection. ​ You can also apply after the Open Enrollment period. However, late applications will be only be considered after the Open Enrollment applications are processed (see below). How are students selected? When the Open Enrollment period ends, we compare the number of applications we received to the number of available seats in each grade and section. ​ If more seats are available than applicants, we accept all eligible children who applied during Open Enrollment. ​ If we have fewer seats available than applicants, a computerized lottery will take place to determine which students get a seat and which students are placed on the waiting list. We anticipate administering the lottery during the week of March 14. Watch a recording of the Lottery Livecast here . ​ Admissions preferences can provide an advantage in the lottery. We urge parents to review them and learn if any apply to your child. The application form will give you the opportunity to claim any relevant admission preferences. ​ Children who apply after Open Enrollment closes are processed in the order their applications are received and placed on the appropriate list - admitted or waitlist. ​ If your child is on the waitlist, don’t be discouraged! Seats will open up throughout the spring and summer. We will send you updates as the waitlist moves and continue to send you school information. ​ Note that admissions preferences also apply to applicants on the waitlist. If you discover, after you have been waitlisted, that one of the admissions preferences apply to your child, you can update your application and improve your chances of selection. ​ How does the lottery work? Telra Institute uses a third-party system, Lotterease , to run our enrollment lottery for transparency and fairness. Since Lotterease is an independent system, the school staff do not have the ability to manipulate or adjust the lottery outcome . In addition, all activity that takes place with your application is tracked in a history log that you can view at any time by logging in. ​ The lottery orders applicants randomly and provides an equal chance of selection to everyone who applies during the Open Enrollment period. We cannot predict the likelihood of admission for students, however, as an expanding school, we will have more open seats for 2022-2023 than we may ever have again, so the time is right to apply. ​ ​ Admissions preferences are an exception to the random lot assignment. Many families may qualify for one or more admission preferences, so it is important to review them closely and see if any may apply to your child in order to maximize your chances of admission. How do I apply? ​ Enter the Lotterease system . ​ If this is your first visit to Lotterease, you'll need click on the "Registration " button to create a new (parent or guardian) user. Click here to see step-by-step instructions .​ ​ After that, you can add your child(ren), sign up for a lottery, and check the boxes for any admissions preferences. ​ If for any reason the Lotterease system is not accessible to you, contact us and we can help you register manually. ​ Be sure to "whitelist" or put and in your "safe senders" list to make sure our emails don't go to your spam folder ​ Enter Lottery What's next if my child is admitted? You will receive an email notifying you that your child has been admitted and how you can respond to accept or decline the offer. You will have up to 15 days to respond , but we request that you be prompt, as your decision impacts other families. (See below for exceptions from this timeline.) ​ If you accept, you will receive an email explaining how to proceed to enroll your child and explaining the documentation requirements. You will have up to 30 days to provide the requested documents and complete the enrollment forms. (See below for exceptions from this timeline.) After you submit your enrollment forms, they will undergo a validation process that can take up to a week​. You may be contacted if a form was incorrectly completed or an uploaded document is not valid or legible. When validation is complete, you will receive an email from our Principal welcoming you to Telra. If you haven't received this email after a week, be sure to check your spam folder before reaching out to inquire. Any admissions from the waitlist more than 30 days after the date of the lottery may have shortened timelines for response. ​ Update 9/5/22: Families will have up to 1 day to respond to an admission offer and up to 2 days from the time of the admission offer to complete the enrollment forms. What about future years? Once enrolled, a student does not need to submit another application to continue attending Telra Institute in subsequent years. What are the documentation requirements? Parents or guardians will be required to submit certain documentation to complete enrollment. This will include: ​ Identification Copy of child's birth certificate or other proof of age and legal name ​ North Carolina residency - Acceptable proof of residency documents must include the parent or guardian's name. Any of the following documents may be used: A utility bill dated within the past 60 days, such as gas, water, electric, telephone, or cable A financial statement dated within the past 60 days such as payroll stub, bank statement, or credit card statement Current vehicle registration Dated within the past year: Vehicle Tax Bill, Property Tax Bill, W-2, or Medicaid Card Copy of residential deed or record of most recent residential mortgage statement Notarized Residency Affidavit Residential lease HUD closing statement Letter from approved agency or group home Refugee resettlement letter Exceptions to the proof of residency requirement apply for a child whose parent or legal guardian is on active military duty and is transferred or pending transfer pursuant to an official military order. Please contact Telra if you think this may apply to you. ​ Immunization North Carolina law requires all children in the state to receive certain immunizations as listed here . ​ McKinney-Vento Telra Institute complies with the McKinney-Vento Education of Homeless Children and Youth Assistance Act. Children experiencing homelessness may enroll, even if lacking normally required documents. Please contact Telra if you think this may apply to you or reach out to Lisa Notini at 828.287.7897. Additional resources are available here: Why doesn't Telra have an admissions screening? We know many other schools (charters, privates, and district magnets) screen applicants based on standardized tests, portfolio reviews, auditions, etc. These processes often include cognitive aptitude tests to identify "giftedness", but those can be unreliable for preschool-aged children. Since many of our applicants are only 4 years old, such an exam would be of limited use for us. Moreover, the advanced learning curriculum we offer works fabulously well for many gifted students, but not all of them. At the same time there are other students who have the passion and drive to thrive at Telra (and in life!), but may not carry the "gifted" label. ​ Instead of focusing on admissions screening and binary labels, we offer optional placement assessments that students can take if they are requesting a non-standard (above or below grade-level) placement in reading or math. These curriculum-based assessments are the same as those our enrolled students take regularly - they correlate directly with our grouping model and they inform which math/reading grades or classes a student is eligible for. We recommend participating in the placement assessments if you believe your child needs to be placed at a math or reading level different from their nominal grade level. While the results do not affect an applicant's lottery or waitlist position, they can impact assignment because we (sequentially, in lottery order) consider each applicant against available space in each of the classes / grade levels into which that applicant is recommended for placement. This ensures each instructional group is right-sized and allows us to deliver more effective instruction in homogeneous groups. ​ As an example, if 2nd grade math is full, a 2nd grade applicant who placed into 2nd grade math would not be assigned, but there might be space for the 2nd grader next on the lottery list who was recommended for placement into 1st or 3rd grade math. Note: the default placement recommendation is "on grade level" for any student who does not take a placement assessment. Choosing A School Why did my child move backward on the waitlist? We know no one wants to see their child move to a higher number on the waitlist, but this can happen when another applicant has an admission preference applied. As much as possible, we try to identify admission preferences prior to the lottery, but sometimes these are not recognized until after the lottery is run, and sometimes families that apply after the lottery may qualify for an admission preference which can advance them on the waitlist. Where is the school? Please read more about Attending Telra . What about transportation, meals, uniforms, etc?​ Please read more about Attending Telra . Our school uniform and dress code principles can be found here .

  • Board of Directors | Telra Institute

    Board of Directors Telra Institute, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization governed by a board of directors charged with establishing policy, overseeing all activities of the organization, and ensuring adherence to our mission. Learn more about our organization and the members of our board below. Our board meetings and documents are available to the public. Our Board Read brief bios of the members of our Board of Directors Board Meetings The Telra Institute Board of Directors holds monthly open meetings Documents Policy documents, important filings, and other items related to Board meetings Meet Our Board of Directors Dr. Michael Matthews Chairperson Read Bio Dr. Elizabeth Reyes Secretary Read Bio Mr. George Baldwin Treasurer Read Bio Dr. Eric M. Gamble Director Read Bio Dr. Michael Matthews Chairperson Michael is a father of three who has volunteered many hours in gifted services in CMS schools and has served on the board of Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy . Michael is Professor in the College of Education at UNC Charlotte , where he directs the university’s graduate programs in gifted education . He has written several books and numerous scholarly articles on gifted education topics, is co-editor of the journal Gifted Child Quarterly , and also provides professional development to teachers and parents on topics related to gifted education, advanced learners, and English Learners. Back to Top Dr. Elizabeth Reyes Secretary Elizabeth is a mother of two and a research associate at UNC Charlotte for the TIES Center : Increasing Time, Instructional Effectiveness, Engagement, and State Support for Inclusive Practices for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities. She has taught students with various high-incidence and low-incidence disabilities in Title I schools in both rural and urban areas in North Carolina in self-contained, resource, and inclusive elementary settings, and also directed a K-12 inclusion program for students with a range of disabilities at a private school in Charlotte, NC Back to Top Mr. George Baldwin Treasurer George Baldwin is a senior executive with extensive experience and knowledge in developing complex business, energy policy and external affairs related solutions. He actively manages Baldwin Consulting Group (BCG) which was established in 2017 and operates at the nexus of energy, environmental and regulatory matters. Previous to establishing BCG, George served as Duke Energy’s Director of FERC and Natural Gas Policy, and prior to that as Managing Director of Government Relations & Sustainability for Piedmont Natural Gas. Baldwin received his MEM from the Nicholas School at Duke University , his MBA from Campbell University and his BSBA from Appalachian State University . He is also a recipient of the Order of the Long Leaf Pine , the highest civilian honor in North Carolina. Back to Top Dr. Eric M. Gamble Director Dr. Gamble, is an Assistant Professor at Johnson & Wales University – Charlotte Campus . He is in his 19th year with the University, teaching business management, finance, and entrepreneurship courses in the College of Business. Dr. Gamble received his PhD from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte , where he focused on methods to reduce student loan debt. His MBA in International Trade is from Johnson & Wales University, in Providence RI , along with his BS in Computer Systems Management. Dr. Gamble worked in the hi-tech industry for more than 15-years with companies such as IBM, Oracle, and two venture capitalist (VC) funded startups in Silicon Valley. He held a variety of senior sales, application engineering, and systems engineering positions. Dr. Gamble currently resides in the University District of Charlotte with his wife of more than 25-years, Helena, and their 4 children, ages 22, 19, 17, and 16. Back to Top Board Meetings Meeting calendar: The Telra Institute Board of Directors meets roughly every month. Most meetings are virtual/remote unless otherwise stated. Upcoming meetings Date: December 14, 2022 Time: 11:00am Location: Call-in +1 980-213-0751,,895447409# Public participation: A member of the public may join and listen to a Board meeting. Members of the public wishing to speak must pre-register by emailing us using this contact information at least 3 business days prior to the meeting to be added to the agenda. Please include your name, the topic of interest, and the phone number from which you will be dialing in.

  • Elementary School | Telra Institute | United States

    A challenging, accelerated, and differentiated experience for advanced learners Join the Telra family Telra is currently at capacity, but you can join the waitlist Start here Telra Institute is a tuition-free public school in the south Charlotte metro. Read about our location, calendar, transportation, meals, uniforms, and more. Let's Go! Gifted kids aren't gifted just one hour a week. They're gifted all the time. 5+ hours of advanced or gifted instruction per day Our Approach Distinctive program emphasizing mental and physical excellence Daily Math & Humanities Science and/or Social Studies PE and/or recess Our Curriculum Grouping model optimizes instructional time 15-35% More learning Innovative school where unique kids can feel at home Each child follows their own trajectory through Telra 100% Learn More Be the first to know about Telra news and important dates for enrollment Join List

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  • Curriculum overview

    Math Dimensions Beast Academy Art of Problem Solving English Language Arts Reading English Science (coming soon!) Social Studies (coming soon!)

  • Supply list for 2022-23 school year

    Telra provides all of the basic classroom supplies for students such as pencils, notebooks, paper, scissors, glue, etc. Since our model involves children moving from class-to-class (and across grade levels) throughout the day, this a better way to ensure all students have what they need than asking parents to purchase off of a generic "grade level" list. It has the added benefit of saving you time. ​ We do ask that families provide the following personal supplies for their child: Backpack Lunch/snack box Water bottle Wired headphones Zippered pencil pouch for 3-ring binder Headphones Every student at Telra needs a set of wired headphones with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. These are used for testing as well as some computer-based learning activities. Since every child has their own preferences on the fit and style of their headphones/earbuds, we ask that families provide them and send them in with your student on the first day of school. Example here. For students in rising grades 4+, your headphones should include a microphone. (Younger students do not need a microphone, but it is ok if they have one.) Examples here and here. Pencil Pouch Similarly, every child should bring their own zippered pencil pouch (w/ holes to fit 3-ring binder) that they can use to carry their supplies from class-to-class. Since most other supplies will be provided by the school, providing your own pencil pouch lets children choose their favorite color or style and find something they can easily distinguish from their friends’ pouches. Examples here and here. If you're buying custom labels with your child's name on them, Telra receives 20% of sales from Mabel's Labels when you choose "Telra Institute" in the dropdown at this link. Remember, you can find full details on Telra's Uniform Standards here.

  • MOD Pizza Spirit Day

    Family Council hopes you'll grab lunch and dinner at MOD Pizza in Matthews this Monday, February 21 for Telra Spirit Day. MOD Pizza in Matthews 10420 E Independence Blvd Matthews, North Carolina, 28105 Take a look at the menu in advance and then rally some friends to join you for good food and good company on the patio. Telra Family Council will receive 20% benefit of all sales, when you show this flyer or use code MOD1184 at the time of ordering.

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