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  • Admissions Preferences | Telra Institute

    Admissions Preferences Telra Institute applies admissions preferences in the student assignment process in alignment with North Carolina State Law. These are designed to strengthen our school community and help Telra maximize its impact on student education. ​ Families who believe their student qualifies in one or more of these categories should indicate so on their application in order to improve their chances for selection in the admission lottery. Supporting documentation is not required at the time of application, but if your child is admitted, proof of eligibility must be provided to complete enrollment. ​ The assignment order is as follows: 1. Enrollment priority groups have first access to seat assignments: Children of Staff and Board members Siblings Certain transfers Military ​ 2. Educationally disadvantaged students have next access to up to 20% of seat assignments. ​ 3. General applicants are assigned. Admissions Overview Enrollment Priority Groups Children of Staff and Board members ​ Children of full-time employees and children of the Board of Directors have first priority for admission; however, this category is limited in that no more than 15% of the total school enrollment can receive this priority. ​ Sib l ings Multiple-birth siblings (twins, triplets, etc.) A set of multiple-birth siblings who apply for admission at the same time are bundled together as one unique lottery registration. This registration does not receive priority enrollment, but if it is selected, all the multiple-birth siblings in a bundle will be offered admission together. ​ Other siblings (non multiple-birth) An applicant who has a sibling currently enrolled at Telra Institute is eligible for priority admission. If the currently-enrolled sibling enrolled in a prior year, then the new sibling applicant will have this priority applied immediately upon submission of the application. Example: Stude nt A applies in Year 1 as a 3rd grader, is selected, and enrolls. In Year 2, Student A continues to 4th grade and his/her younger sibling, Student B, applies for entry to Kindergarten. Student B would receive priority consideration in the assignment lottery. If a child receives an offer of admission and completes enrollment in an ongoing application cycle, then any unassigned sibling applicants also in the ongoing application cycle will have a priority assigned at that time. Note that the system will identify and apply this priority automatically if two or more child applications are submitted from the same parent account. (No further action is required to "claim" sibling status.) Example: Student C applies as a 3rd grader, along with his/her sibling, Student D who is applying as a 1st grader. In the lottery, Student C is offered admission, while Student D is placed on the waitlist. Student C accepts admission and completes enrollment. At that time, Student D is assigned a sibling priority and moves up on the waitlist, increasing the likelihood of admission. ​ An applicant who has a sibling graduate of Telra Institute is eligible for priority admission. For the purposes of this sibling priority, a "graduate" is a student who has completed the highest grade level offered by the school and who remained enrolled for at least four grade levels, or since the launch of the school. Tran sfers Other chart er school A studen t who was enrolled in another charter school in the State in the previous school year that does not offer the student's next grade level and with whom Telra has an enrollment articulation agreement Returning student A student who was enrolled at Telra wit hin the two previous school years but left the school to participate in an academic study abroad program or a competitive admission residential program or because of the vocational opportunities of the student's parent ​ Preschool A student who was enrolled in a preschool program operated by Telra Institute in the prior year A student who was enrolled for at least 75 consecutive days in the prior semester in a preschool program operated by an entity with whom Telra has a written enrollment articulation agreement; h owever, this category is limit ed in that no more than 10% of the total school enrollment can receive this priority. ​ Military A student whose parent or legal guardian is on active military duty. Educationally Disadvantaged Students Educationally Disadvantaged (ED) students often have limited access to advanced learning options and supports. We believe the Telra program can have an outsized impact on outcomes for these students. Educationally Disadvantaged status in admissions Educationally Disadvantaged (ED) applicants participate in a special ED lottery prior to the general lottery. Any ED students that do not win a seat in the special lottery are immediately entered in the general lottery. If offered a seat, ED applicants will be asked to provide documentation to demonstrate ED eligibility d uring the enrollment process. ​ We urge families to read the descriptions below carefully to see if any might apply to your child. Often, parents of advanced learners do not realize that their child could achieve even more by recognizing and working to overcome areas of disadvantage. ​ Applicants should claim Educationally Disadvantaged status and an Admission Priority if both apply. They will benefit from both in lottery assignment. ​ ​ Educationally Disadvantaged status is applied to any student who falls into one or more of the following classifications. 1. Economically Disadvantaged 2. Students with Disability 3. Immigrant Student 4. English Learner ​ 1. Economically Disadvantaged This preference category aligns with Reduced-Price lunch eligibility, which means any income below 185% of the Federal poverty guideline . Tables showing income thresholds vs. family size are available here . ​ 2. Students with Disability This preference category applies to any student that has a medical diagnosis of a disability or to any student that has a 504 or IEP plan noting a disability identification or accommodation. ​ Many gifted children and advanced learners can fall into this category, often without their caregivers realizing it. In fact, it happens so often that there is a name for it: Twice Exceptional, or 2E . 2E children are often highly gifted or knowledgeable in at least one specific domain. In addition, they have a disability or difference, such as a specific learning disability—Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or Autism Spectrum Disorder. Sometimes their difference or disability overshadows their intelligence or knowledge, and in other cases their intelligence or verbal ability masks the difference or disability. ​ Sometimes, simple accommodations for these students (e.g., classroom layout, understanding their learning styles, specific learning materials or coaching) can make all the difference between an educational environment that is a struggle and one that they love coming to each day. Parents may also find online screening tools helpful as a first step: Vanderbilt ADHD Diagnostic Childhood Autism Spectrum Test Autism Spectrum Screening Questionnaire ​ Ultimately, families should consult with a professional who is knowledgeable about identifying 2E students. You may want to speak with your child's pediatrician. There is no "one profile" of 2E children, and no single model works best for all of them. You might find Telra is a great fit for your child, while others might thrive in a different environment. Children (and schools) are unique! ​ ​​ For parents that don't know where to start , we'll maintain a list of licensed therapists specializing in 2E children who have offered to speak to our families as a professional courtesy to help them understand their options for identifying 2E issues and coaching them through the 504/IEP process. Alyse Bone, MS, CRC, LPC, RYT-200 - Visit website or send Alyse an email. ​ 3. Immigrant Student This preference category applies to any student who was not born in the United States and has not attended U.S. schools for more than three full school years. If you believe both of these conditions apply to your child, you can denote "immigrant student" status in your application. Example : Your child moved to the United States at age 2, attended school in the United States starting in Kindergarten, and is currently in 2nd grade. Since the child was not born in the United States and has completed only 2.5 school years at the time of application, he or she qualifies as an immigrant student. ​​ ​ 4. English Learner This preference category applies to any child whose most recent public or private school records identify the child as an English learner or a child who has never been enrolled in a public or private school and whose Home Language is other than English. ​ During the enrollment process, Telra will administer a Home Language Survey . If you indicate a Home Language other than English, we will follow up with you and may perform a screening assessment to understand your child's English proficiency and to determine what kind of ongoing English Learner support they may need. ​ If you believe your child may qualify, then we suggest you indicate English Learner status on your application. If you are not sure, you can read more about English Learner identification process , or please contact us for more information. Admissions Overview Priority Groups ED Students Economically Disadvantaged Disability Immigrant Student English Learner

  • Telra Institute | Advanced Learning Charter School | Charlotte, NC

    A challenging and accelerated experience for advanced learners Welcome to Telra Institute Telra Institute is a K-8 charter school In 2024, Telra will expand to K-9 and continue growing by one grade each year to take our students through high school Fall 2024 admissions for grades K-9 are open! Apply Applicants will be on our mailing list for tours and placement tests Watch our information session videos for prospective families New info sessions for 2024 coming soon! Play Video Play Video 1. Why Telra Play Video Play Video 2. Mission Curriculum Placement Play Video Play Video Pi Day Lottery 2023 Telra Institute is a tuition-free public school in the south Charlotte metro. Read about our location, calendar, transportation, meals, uniforms, and more. Let's Go! What makes Telra different? Our Approach What program do we offer? Our Curriculum Our grouping model optimizes instructional time 15-35% More learning The Telra experience looks different for every student Each child follows their own trajectory through Telra Learn More Be the first to know about Telra news and important dates for enrollment Join List

  • Admissions Overview | Telra Institute

    Admissions Overview Now enrolling for 2024-25 Welcome and thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the Telra Institute family. Telra is a nonprofit tuition-free public charter school authorized by the State of North Carolina. We adhere to an open admissions and enrollment policy. Here's how the process works: 1. Submit an online application (it takes just 5 minutes on your smartphone or computer) Open enrollment period 2/12/24 to 3/13/24 2. Receive acceptance/ waitlist notification Applications received after the lottery are added to the wait list in the order they are received after applying any applicable admission preferences. Learn More or Apply Now 3. Complete enrollment by submitting documents FAQ's Who can apply? ​ Should I apply? ​ When do I apply? ​ How are students selected? ​ How does the lottery work? ​ How do I apply? ​ What's next if my child is admitted? ​ What about future years? ​ What are the documentation requirements? ​ Does Telra use admissions screening? ​ Why did my child move backward on the waitlist? ​ Where is the school? What about transportation, meals, uniforms, etc? FAQs Who can apply Who can apply? We invite applications from all children who meet AGE and RESIDENCY REQUIREMENTS : ​ AGE - ​ A child who reaches the age of five years on or before August 31 qualifies to enter Kindergarten. Limited exceptions apply. ​ NORTH CAROLINA RESIDENCY - Attendance is open to applicants from any county or school district area as long as the child's primary residence is in the state of North Carolina. ​ DOCUMENTATION - Documentation is not required at the time of application, but if your child is admitted, proof of eligibility must be provided to complete enrollment. Should I apply Should I apply? We want every child to find the best school environment that helps them realize their potential. We invite you to review Choosing A School to learn what makes Telra special. When do I apply When do I apply? ​ We want every child to have an equal opportunity to attend our school. All applications received during Open Enrollment will be given equal consideration. The order in which Open Enrollment applications are submitted has no bearing on chances for selection. ​ You can also apply after the Open Enrollment period. However, late applications will be only be considered after the Open Enrollment applications are processed (see below). How are stuents selected How are students selected? When the Open Enrollment period ends, we compare the number of applications we received to the number of available seats in each grade and section. ​ If more seats are available than applicants, we accept all eligible children who applied during Open Enrollment. ​ If we have fewer seats available than applicants, a computerized lottery will take place to determine which students get a seat and which students are placed on the waiting list. The lottery will be run on Pi Day, March 14. ​ Admissions preferences can provide an advantage in the lottery. We urge parents to review them and learn if any apply to your child. The application form will give you the opportunity to claim any relevant admission preferences. ​ Children who apply after Open Enrollment closes are processed in the order their applications are received and placed on the appropriate list - admitted or waitlist. ​ If your child is on the waitlist, don’t be discouraged! Seats will open up throughout the spring and summer. We will send you updates as the waitlist moves and continue to send you school information. ​ Note that admissions preferences also apply to applicants on the waitlist. If you discover, after you have been waitlisted, that one of the admissions preferences apply to your child, you can update your application and improve your chances of selection. ​ Who runs the lottery How does the lottery work? At the end of Open Enrollment, we determine - for each grade and section - whether a lottery is needed. Applicants are then assigned a random number and their applications are then sequenced from lowest (at the top of the list) to highest number (at the bottom of the list). Offers are extended in this sequence until capacity is reached. We do not know ahead of time what the capacity will be in each grade, nor can we predict likelihood of admission. That is a somewhat dynamic question as space and staff are allocated depending on multiple factors, including overall demand and relative demand at each grade. ​ Admissions preferences are an exception to the random lot assignment. Many families may qualify for one or more admission preferences, so it is important to review them closely and see if any may apply to your child in order to maximize your chances of admission. How do I apply How do I apply? A responsible parent or guardian must create an Alma Start account. Once the account is created, you can add your child(ren) to your profile using the gray "+" symbol on the left. Select a child, then click the Get Started "+" on the right. Select the school year (2024-2025), and the child's current Grade Level (in 23-24). Pre-K students: If your child in in currently in pre-school or not yet in school, please select "K" whenever you are asked for the child's current grade leve l Click on the Admission process box that appears below. Then click "select" to launch the process. New applicants will start in the Admissions intake stage . Click there to complete the required forms. Once you have completed all the forms, click the green submit button to move your application to the Wait List stage. Make sure to complete this step by the end of open enrollment on 3/13 if you want to participate in the Lottery. You will know that your application is complete because it will show as being in the Wait List stage . (You will not received an email confirmation. Please don't email the front desk for more information. Read below to see how you'll be kept updated.) That's all you have to do for now. Lottery participants receive their lottery sequence (wait list) number after the Pi Day lottery and the school will reach out if you are invited for admission. Later wait list additions will receive an email at the end of the month they register with the unique ID they can use to look up their waitlist position. While you are waiting, keep an eye on opportunities to learn more about the school, take a tour, and participate in optional placement testing. ​ Need help on navigating Alma Start? Access the walkthrough videos with the password: Sparkpotential ​ If you don't have access to internet, need translation support, or would like to apply another way, please reach out to frontdesk [at] or call the school at 704-727-2530. Apply now Whats Next What's next if my child is admitted? You will receive an email notifying you that your child has been admitted and how you can respond to accept or decline the offer. You will have up to 7 days to respond , but we request that you be prompt, as your decision impacts other families. (See below for exceptions from this timeline.) ​ If you accept, you will receive an email explaining how to proceed to enroll your child and explaining the documentation requirements. You will have up to 7 days to provide the requested documents and complete the registration forms. (See below for exceptions from this timeline.) After you submit your registration forms, they will undergo a validation process that can take up to a week​. You may be contacted if a form was incorrectly completed or an uploaded document is not valid or legible. When validation is complete, you will receive an email welcoming you to Telra. If you haven't received this email after a week, be sure to check your spam folder before reaching out to inquire. Any admissions from the waitlist more than 30 days after the date of the lottery may have shortened timelines for response. ​ ​ What about future years What about future years? Once enrolled, a student does not need to submit another application to continue attending Telra Institute in subsequent years. Doc Reqs What are the documentation requirements? Parents or guardians will be required to submit certain documentation to complete enrollment. This will include: ​ Identification Copy of child's birth certificate or other proof of age and legal name ​ North Carolina residency - Acceptable proof of residency documents must include the parent or guardian's name. Any of the following documents may be used: A utility bill dated within the past 60 days, such as gas, water, electric, telephone, or cable A financial statement dated within the past 60 days such as payroll stub, bank statement, or credit card statement Current vehicle registration Dated within the past year: Vehicle Tax Bill, Property Tax Bill, W-2, or Medicaid Card Copy of residential deed or record of most recent residential mortgage statement Notarized Residency Affidavit ( form ) Residential lease HUD closing statement Letter from approved agency or group home Refugee resettlement letter Exceptions to the proof of residency requirement apply for a child whose parent or legal guardian is on active military duty and is transferred or pending transfer pursuant to an official military order. Please review the requirements here and contact Telra if you think this may apply to you. ​ Immunization North Carolina law requires all children in the state to receive certain immunizations as listed here . ​ McKinney-Vento Telra Institute complies with the McKinney-Vento Education of Homeless Children and Youth Assistance Act. Children experiencing homelessness may enroll, even if lacking normally required documents. Please contact Telra if you think this may apply to you or reach out to Lisa Notini at 828.287.7897. Additional resources are available here: no admissions screening Does Telra have admissions screening? We know many other schools (charters, privates, and district magnets) screen applicants based on standardized tests, portfolio reviews, auditions, etc. These processes often include cognitive aptitude tests to identify "giftedness", but those can be unreliable for preschool-aged children. Since many of our applicants are only 4 years old, such an exam would be of limited use for us. Moreover, the advanced learning curriculum we offer works fabulously well for many gifted students, but not all of them. At the same time there are other students who have the passion and drive to thrive at Telra (and in life!), but may not carry the "gifted" label. ​ Instead of focusing on admissions screening and binary labels, we offer optional placement assessments that students can take if they are requesting a non-default placement in reading or math. These assessments are similar to those our enrolled students take regularly - they correlate directly with our grouping model and they inform which grade or math/reading instructional group a student is eligible for. We recommend participating in the placement assessments if you believe your child needs to be placed at a math or reading level different from their default grade level. Placement results do not affect an applicant's lottery or waitlist position. However, they can affect a student's instructional grouping and/or grade level placement. As a result, they can indirectly impact assignment because we (sequentially, in lottery order) consider each applicant against available space in each of the classes / grade levels into which that applicant is recommended for placement. Choosing A School Backward Waitlist Why did my child move backward on the waitlist? We know no one wants to see their child move to a higher number on the waitlist, but this can happen when another applicant has an admission preference applied. As much as possible, we try to identify admission preferences prior to the lottery, but sometimes these are not recognized until after the lottery is run, and sometimes families that apply after the lottery may qualify for an admission preference which can advance them on the waitlist. Where is school Where is the school? Telra is located at 4150 McKee Rd, Charlotte, NC 28270. See more on our Location page Transportation Meals Uni What about transportation, meals, uniforms, etc?​ Please read more about Attending Telra . Our school uniform and dress code principles can be found here .

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  • Telra Telegram - February 20th

    In this Issue Farewell Principal Soto-Bazemore at Coffee with the Leadership, this Friday All Pro Dads , Friday morning, 7am New after school percussion club, starts tomorrow!! 2024-25 Telra Lottery is open - tell your friends to join us this Fall Spring running programs - call out for coaches Whats on this weekend! Last Friday evening, our 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students came together for our first-ever Middle School Party. It was a fantastic occasion filled with laughter and joy as students enjoyed each other's company. We extend a massive thank you to the dedicated staff members who volunteered their time as chaperones and to the parent and staff volunteers who assisted with the setup. Special recognition goes to Sally Baker and Kristin Gilvin for their exceptional support, as always. Also over the weekend, three students from Telra, Vishan Alapati, Advai Nalla, and Mihail Zolutuhin, competed in the Chess Kid National Festival and emerged victorious, claiming 1st place in the K-5 (Under 1200) Team category! Congratulations to these talented individuals! Farewell Principal Soto-Bazemore This Friday, February 23rd marks Principal Soto-Bazemore's farewell from Telra. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for her immense contributions to our community. She will be greatly missed by both staff and students. Please join us this Friday, February 23rd at Coffee with the Leadership to share a cup of coffee and convey your best wishes as she embarks on her next adventure. Friday, February 23rd, 8:30 am - Coffee with the Leadership & Uniform Swap Shop Come and grab a cup of coffee and have a chat in the gym with our leadership team and other Telra families!   Parking will be available in the gravel lot (after carline has finished). Friday, February 23rd, 7am - All Pro Dads If you haven't explored it yet, All Pro Dad Chapters offer dads a chance to enjoy quality time with their children and enhance their bond. Each session focuses on a specific topic, and this month's theme is "Gentleness." Breakfast is available at $5 per person. New afterschool Percussion club, starting tomorrow!! Open to all 2nd-5th Grade students, the first sessions of this new club will run on Wednesdays from 2/21/2024- 3/27/2024. Spots are limited to 20 and will fill quickly so be sure your schedule allows your child to attend each Wednesday 3:45pm to 4:45pm. Percussion Club is going to be an interactive environment to learn the fundamentals of rhythm, timing, dynamics, and groove. Music is a great way to channel a child’s energy and creativity into something constructive, educational and fun! Students will be playing percussion instruments like base drums, xylophones, snare drums, crash cymbals, marimba and vibraphone and more. Register here: 2024-25 School Year Lottery is open! Spread the word. Telra is now taking open enrollment applications from students who want to experience Kinder - 9th grade advanced learning with the Telra community in fall 2024. Visit to register for the lottery. Let Me Run and Girls on the Run Coaches needed We're on the lookout for a few more coaches for this Spring season - if you're interested in getting involved or would like to know more information about either of these programs, please email Upcoming Events (this weekend) Saturday, February 24th, 9:30am – Charlotte Math Club 9:30 – 11:45 for elementary, middle, and junior groups 9:30 - 12:30 for the senior group Sunday, February 25th, 1pm - 2:30pm - Free Come and Try Squash Event! Come and try Squash event, open to all Telra families! The come and try event is free but please register by emailing Coach Connie: Equipment provided please wear non marking shoes – tennis shoes are fine!

  • Telra Telegram - February 6

    February is a busy month, with lots of fun activities for students and their families. Scroll down to see all that Telra has to offer this month!! Tonight, Tuesday Feb 6, 4-8pm Make it a noodle night and support Telra! Order Nothing but Noodles from 4-8pm tonight and Nothing but Noodles will donate 25% of your purchase back to Telra. Friday, February 9th 5-9pm Kate’s Skate Bash at Kate’s Skating Rink, 14500 Independence Blvd, Indian Trail. $20 admission per person includes admission, skate rental, unlimited cheese pizza, popcorn and fountain drinks (food will be available from 6-7:30pm). Gift a Bundt Cake – order between 2/6 and 2/11 Starting today, Tuesday 2/6 you can order a delicious nothing bundt cake to enjoy with your family and friends, while supporting Telra! Consider ordering a cake for a friend or teacher! Orders will close on Sunday, 2/11 @ 5pm. All bundtlets will be distributed on 2/14 and sent home with students at dismissal. Bundlets are $7 per cake, with $2 from each purchase being contributed directly to Telra. Order here : Thank you for supporting our school! Wednesday, February 14th –  Family Council Gathering at Sips & Dips Family Council is organizing a gathering at Sips and Dips after school, running from 3:30pm to 5:30pm. If you celebrate Valentine’s Day, this is a great opportunity to join your friends and indulge in some sweet treats. Be sure to reference Telra Family Council, as 10% of proceeds will support the FC! Thursday, February 15th – 100th Day of School Celebration Let’s celebrate being 100 days wiser with Telra’s February Spirit Day. On this day students have the option to wear: -Regular uniform -Telra Spiritwear shirts with uniform or jeans bottom -100 items shirt (decorate a shirt with 100 items!) with uniform or jeans bottom or -Dress up as a 100-year old If you would like to order Telra Spirit wear prior to next month's Spirit Day you can do so here: Friday, February 16th, 6-8pm - Middle School Party (Grades 6-8) Middle school families, please refer to the email sent last week. This party is only open to 6th, 7th & 8th graders currently enrolled at Telra. If you would like to contribute to the party, please consider donating an item – you can sign up here: all donations should be received by Monday, 2/12. We will be decorating the gym from 4-5:30pm on 2/16, if you would like to help transform the gym – you can sign up here: As a reminder all students will need permission to attend the party, please log in to your Alma account to complete the "Middle School Party Permission Form" for your student to attend the party. Saturday, February 17th - GEO First Meeting GEOmath (Girls Early Olympiad Math) is a new club starting at Telra on Saturdays for K-3 girls to get involved with competition math early on. The first session will be Saturday, 2/17. This program will include monthly sessions where girls can meet and collaborate while learning about slightly higher level problems. The goal of this program is to encourage more girls to pursue high levels of math in the future! If you are interested in this program for your student, you can sign up here: Monday, February 19th - Teacher Work Day (No school) Friday, February 23rd, 7am - All Pro Dads If you haven't explored it yet, All Pro Dad Chapters offer dads a chance to enjoy quality time with their children and enhance their bond. Each session focuses on a specific topic, and this month's theme is "Gentleness." Breakfast is available at $5 per person. Friday, February 23rd, 8:30am - Coffee with the Leadership & Uniform Swap Shop Come and grab a cup of coffee and have a chat in the gym with our leadership team and other Telra families!  Parking will be available in the gravel lot (after carline has finished). Saturday, February 24th, 9:30am – Charlotte Math Club 9:30 – 11:45 for elementary, middle, and junior groups 9:30 – 12:30 for senior group See you at some of our February events!!

  • Telra Telegram - January 26, 2024

    What an exciting week it's been at Telra! Our students embarked on diverse journeys across Charlotte, exploring nuclear power, Illusions, engineering, animal habitats, ancient caves, new sports and more, while fostering friendships during bus rides. Students have had a blast this week, in between their mid year testing and classroom spelling bees! If you were a chaperone this week and have yearbook photos to share, please upload them here: iReady instructions - how to find your student's scores Spelling Bee Girls math tutoring Charlotte Mecklenburg Library access Photo submissions (from field trip or any other events): Character strength of the week Upcoming Events iReady instructions - how to find your student's scores Mid-year iReady testing took place this week. Telra uses iReady as a regular, independent check-in to assess student growth. While some students are still finishing up, families can access their student's results in the iReady Parent Portal at any time. How can I access my student’s results? Visit and log in using the credentials below Username = School ID number (you can find this in Alma) Password = telra Click on the For Families dropdown and select the For Families report. Enter the Telra District Report Code: JZ5ZVKE To read more, please visit the following link: Spelling Bee Our official classroom bees took place this week as part of our very first Scripps Spelling Bee! Congratulations, to all of our classroom winners who will proceed to the schoolwide finals, taking place this Tuesday, January 30, details below. 1st-3rd Grade School Bee Date: Tuesday, January 30 Time: 5:00 PM Details: - Grade level champions determined by participants' longevity in the competition. - Overall K-3 champion and runner-up will receive invitations to the Open Bee. Open School Bee Date: Tuesday, January 30 Time: 6:30 PM Details: - Invitations extended to 3 finalists from each 4-8 class, along with the 1-3 champion and runner-up. - Grade level champions determined by participants' longevity in the competition. - The overall school champion and runner-up will be crowned during this event. We extend a warm invitation to you, our valued parents, to attend and cheer for our talented spellers on January 30th. Your support is invaluable in creating a memorable experience for our students. For any questions or additional information, please reach out to Girls math tutoring GEOmath (Girls Early Olympiad Math) is a new club starting at Telra on Saturdays for K-3 girls to get involved with competition math early on. The first session will be Saturday, 2/17. This program will include monthly sessions where girls can meet and collaborate while learning about slightly higher level problems. The goal of this program is to encourage more girls to pursue high levels of math in the future! If you are interested in this program for your student, you can sign up here: Charlotte Mecklenburg Library access for Telra students! Telra students can now enjoy the privilege of having their own Charlotte Mecklenburg Libraries account, granting them the ability to borrow books and utilize various other free resources! Login Username: TIXXXXXXX (This is “TI” followed by the student ID number. Student ID number can be found in Alma) PIN: XXXX (4 digit birth year) Free resources at OneAccess: Includes for homework help Character strength of the week The character strength for next week is "Creativity". See below a suggested family activity! Upcoming Events Jan 30 - Schoolwide Spelling Bee Feb 6 - Spirit Night at Nothing But Noodles (Stonecrest) Feb 9 - Kate's Skate Feb 15 - 100th Day of School - Telra Spirit day Students may wear: Telra Spiritwear shirt 100 items shirt (decorate a shirt with 100 items!) Dress like a 100-year old Feb 16 - Middle School Party (Grades 6-8) Feb 17 - GEO First Meeting Feb 19 - Teacher Work Day (No school) Feb 23 - All Pro Dads & Coffee with the Leadership Wondering how can you keep track of what's going on at Telra? Several ways! ​ 1. The Telra Academic Calendar is on our website and also on Alma. This calendar shows school holidays, staff planning days, breaks, and trimester starts. 2. The Telra Events Calendar includes the above as well as important testing dates and other school social and extracurricular events. 3. We'll keep reminding you of key upcoming dates (as above) in the Telegrams also!

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