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    • Elementary School | Telra Institute | United States

      A challenging, accelerated, and differentiated K-5 experience for advanced learners The 2021-2022 Admissions Lottery is complete. Telra is accepting applications onto wait lists for students entering grades K-3 in Fall 2021 Enrollment The Admissions Lottery Livecast recording is available here. Telra Institute is a free public school opening Fall 2021 in the south Charlotte metro. Read more about our location and attending Telra! Let's Go! Designed to challenge every student every day 5+ hours of gifted instruction per day Our Approach Distinctive program balanced to educate the whole child 5 days of Math, Humanities, and PE per week Our Curriculum Quality teaching and small class sizes 14-16 Students per Class Careers Innovative school where unique kids can feel at home Personalized Learning Plan for every child 100% Learn More Be the first to know about Telra news and important dates for enrollment Join List

    • Admissions Overview | Telra Institute

      Admissions Overview Telra Institute is opening for grades K-3 in the 2021-2022 academic year. Welcome and thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the Telra Institute family. Telra is a nonprofit tuition-free public charter school authorized by the State of North Carolina. We adhere to an open admissions and enrollment policy. Here's how the process works: 1. Submit an online application (it takes just 5 minutes on your smartphone or computer) 2. Receive acceptance/ waitlist notification Open enrollment ended 1/15/21. We are now accepting applications on a first-come first-served basis as space allows. Learn More or Apply Now 3. Complete enrollment by submitting documents FAQ's Who can apply? ​ Should I apply? ​ When do I apply? ​ How are students selected? ​ How does the lottery work? ​ How do I apply? ​ What's next if my child is admitted? ​ What about future years? ​ What are the documentation requirements? ​ Why doesn't Telra have an admissions screening? ​ Where is the school? What about transportation, meals, uniforms, etc? Who can apply? We invite applications from all children who meet and : AGE RESIDENCY REQUIREMENTS ​ - AGE ​ A child who reaches the age of five years qualifies to enter Kindergarten. on or before August 31 ​ - NORTH CAROLINA RESIDENCY Attendance is open to applicants from area as long as the child's primary residence is in the state of any county or school district North Carolina. ​ - Documentation DOCUMENTATION is not required at the time of application, but if your child is admitted, proof of eligibility must be provided to complete enrollment. Should I apply? We want every child to find the best school environment that helps them realize their potential. We invite you to review Choosing A School to learn what makes Telra special. When do I apply? NOTE: Telra is accepting applications for grades K-3 on a Open Enrollment closed on 1/15/21. first-come first-served basis as space allows. ​ We want child to have an equal opportunity to attend our school. All applications received during Open Enrollment will be given equal consideration. The order in which Open Enrollment applications are submitted has no bearing on chances for selection. every ​ You can also apply after the Open Enrollment period. However, late applications will be only be considered the Open Enrollment applications are processed (see below). after How are students selected? When the Open Enrollment period ends, we compare the number of applications we received to the number of available seats in each grade level. ​ If more seats are available than applicants, we accept all eligible children who applied during Open Enrollment. ​ If we have fewer seats available than applicants, a computerized lottery will take place to determine which students get a seat and which students are placed on the waiting list. ​ Admissions preferences can provide an advantage in the lottery. We urge parents to review them and learn if any apply to your child. The application form will give you the opportunity to claim any relevant admission preferences. ​ Children who apply after Open Enrollment closes are processed in the order their applications are received and placed on the appropriate list - admitted or waitlist. ​ If your child is on the waitlist, don’t be discouraged! Seats will open up throughout the spring and summer. We will send you updates as the waitlist moves and continue to send you school information. ​ Note that admissions preferences also apply to applicants on the waitlist. If you discover, after you have been waitlisted, that one of the admissions preferences apply to your child, you can update your application and improve your chances of selection. ​ How does the lottery work? Telra Institute uses a third-party system, , to run our enrollment lottery for transparency and fairness. Since Lotterease is an independent system, . In addition, all activity that takes place with your application is tracked in a history log that you can view at any time by logging in. Lotterease the school staff do not have the ability to manipulate or adjust the lottery outcome ​ The lottery orders applicants randomly and provides an equal chance of selection to everyone who applies during the Open Enrollment period. We cannot predict the likelihood of admission for students, however, as a new school, we will have more open seats for 2021-2022 than we may ever have again, so the time is right to apply. ​ ​ Admissions preferences are an exception to the random lot assignment. Many families may qualify for one or more admission preferences, so it is important to review them closely and see if any may apply to your child in order to maximize your chances of admission. How do I apply? Enter the Lotterease system . here ​ If this is your first visit to Lotterease, you'll need click on the " " Registration button to create a new (parent or guardian) user. Click here to see .​ step-by-step instructions ​ After that, you can add your child(ren), sign up for a lottery, and check the boxes for any admissions preferences. ​ If for any reason the Lotterease system is not accessible to you, contact us and we can help you register manually. Apply Now What's next if my child is admitted? You will receive an email notifying you that your child has been admitted and how you can respond to accept or decline the offer. You will have up to 15 days to respond , but we request that you be prompt, as your decision impacts other families. ​ If you accept, you will receive an email explaining how to proceed to enroll your child and explaining the documentation requirements. You will have up to 30 days to provide the requested documents and complete the enrollment forms. Any admissions from the waitlist more than 30 days after the date of the lottery may have shortened timelines for response. Update Feb 23 Admissions from the wait list now have 7 days to respond to an offer. Families who accept will have 14 days to complete their enrollment forms. : What about future years? Once enrolled, a student does not need to submit another application to continue attending Telra Institute in subsequent years. What are the documentation requirements? Parents or guardians will be required to submit certain documentation to complete enrollment. This will include: ​ Identification Copy of child's birth certificate or other proof of age and legal name ​ North Carolina residency - Acceptable proof of residency documents must include the parent or guardian's name. Any of the following documents may be used: A utility bill dated within the past 60 days, such as gas, water, electric, telephone, or cable A financial statement dated within the past 60 days such as payroll stub, bank statement, or credit card statement Current vehicle registration Dated within the past year: Vehicle Tax Bill, Property Tax Bill, W-2, or Medicaid Card Copy of residential deed or record of most recent residential mortgage statement Notarized Residency Affidavit Residential lease HUD closing statement Letter from approved agency or group home Refugee resettlement letter Exceptions to the proof of residency requirement apply for a child whose parent or legal guardian is on active military duty and is transferred or pending transfer pursuant to an official military order. Please contact Telra if you think this may apply to you. ​ Immunization North Carolina law requires all children in the state to receive certain immunizations as listed here . ​ McKinney-Vento Telra Institute complies with the McKinney-Vento Education of Homeless Children and Youth Assistance Act. Children experiencing homelessness may enroll, even if lacking normally required documents. Please contact Telra if you think this may apply to you. Additional resources are available here: Why doesn't Telra have an admissions screening? We get this question a lot. We know there are other schools out there that screen applicants based on standardized tests, portfolio reviews, auditions, you name it. That works for them, but at Telra, we do things differently. Here's why: Cognitive tests are often unreliable for preschool children. Most of the students applying to our school are 4 years old. You can do the math. ​ The advanced learning curriculum we offer works fabulously well for many gifted students, but not all of them. At the same time there are other students who may not carry the "gifted" label, but who have the passion and drive to thrive at Telra and to succeed wherever they apply themselves. (Maybe you knew kids like these when you were in school, or maybe you're working for one of them today.) When it comes down to it, we trust parents to know their kids best. Our job is to give you information about who we are. Your job is to decide if our program is right for your child. Choosing A School Where is the school? Please read more about Attending Telra . What about transportation, meals, uniforms, etc?​ Please read more about Attending Telra .

    • Admissions Preferences | Telra Institute

      Admissions Preferences Telra Institute applies admissions preferences in the student assignment process in alignment with North Carolina State Law. These are designed to strengthen our school community and help Telra maximize its impact on student education. ​ ​ Families who believe their student qualifies in one or more of these categories should indicate so on their application in order to improve their chances for selection in the admission lottery. Supporting documentation is not required at the time of application, but if your child is admitted, proof of eligibility must be provided to complete enrollment. The assignment order is as follows: 1. Enrollment priority groups have first access to seat assignments: Children of Staff and Board members Siblings Other groups applicable to future years: Telra pre-K students and returning Telra students ​ 2. Educationally disadvantaged students have next access to up to 20% of seat assignments. ​ 3. General applicants are assigned. Admissions Overview Enrollment Priority Groups Children of Staff and Board members Children of and children of the have first priority for admission; however, this category is limited in that is permitted to benefit from this priority. full-time employees Board of Directors no more than 15% of the total school enrollment ​ Siblings Multiple-birth siblings (twins, triplets, etc.) A set of multiple-birth siblings who apply for admission at the same time are bundled together as one unique lottery registration. This registration does not receive priority enrollment, but if it is selected, all the multiple-birth siblings in a bundle will be offered admission together. ​ Other siblings (non multiple-birth) An applicant who has a at Telra Institute is eligible for priority admission. sibling currently enrolled If the currently-enrolled sibling enrolled in a prior year, then the new sibling applicant will have this priority applied immediately upon submission of the application. . Not applicable for the 2021-22 lottery Student A applies in Year 1 as a 3rd grader, is selected, and enrolls. In Year 2, Student A continues to 4th grade and his/her younger sibling, Student B, applies for entry to Kindergarten. Student B would receive priority consideration in the assignment lottery. Example: If a child receives an offer of admission and completes enrollment in an ongoing application cycle, then any unassigned sibling applicants also in the ongoing application cycle will have a priority assigned at that time. Note that the system will identify and apply this priority automatically if two or more child applications are submitted from the same parent account. (No further action is required to "claim" sibling status.) Student C applies as a 3rd grader, along with his/her sibling, Student D who is applying as a 1st grader. In the lottery, Student C is offered admission, while Student D is placed on the waitlist. Student C accepts admission and completes enrollment. At that time, Student D is assigned a sibling priority and moves up on the waitlist, increasing the likelihood of admission. Example: ​ An applicant who has a of Telra Institute is eligible for priority admission. For the purposes of this sibling priority, a "graduate" is a student who has completed the highest grade level offered by the school and who remained enrolled for at least four grade levels, or since the launch of the school. sibling graduate Not applicable for the 2021-22 lottery . Educationally Disadvantaged Students often have limited access to advanced learning options and supports. We believe the Telra program can have an outsized impact on outcomes for these students. Educationally Disadvantaged (ED) students Economically Disadvantaged status in admissions Educationally Disadvantaged (ED) applicants participate in a special ED lottery prior to the general lottery. Any ED students that do not win a seat in the special lottery are immediately entered in the general lottery. If offered a seat, ED applicants will be asked to provide documentation to demonstrate ED eligibility d uring the enrollment process. ​ We urge families to read the descriptions below carefully to see if any might apply to your child. Often, parents of advanced learners do not realize that their child could achieve even more by recognizing and working to overcome areas of disadvantage. ​ Applicants should claim Educationally Disadvantaged status an Admission Priority if both apply. They will benefit from both in lottery assignment. and ​ ​ Educationally Disadvantaged status is applied to any student who falls into one or more of the following classifications. 1. Economically Disadvantaged 2. Students with Disability 3. Immigrant Student ​ 4. English Learner 1. Economically Disadvantaged This preference category aligns with Reduced-Price lunch eligibility, which means . Tables showing income thresholds vs. family size are available any income below 185% of the Federal poverty guideline here . ​ ​ We know COVID has disrupted income streams for many families and suggest you review the guidelines and consider whether your 2020 income or projected 2021 income may qualify you for this preference status. 2. Students with Disability This preference category applies to any student that of a disability to any student that identification or accommodation. has a medical diagnosis or has a 504 or IEP plan noting a disability ​ Many gifted children and advanced learners can fall into this category, often without their caregivers realizing it. In fact, it happens so often that there is a name for it: . Twice Exceptional, or 2E ​ are often highly gifted or knowledgeable in at least one specific domain. In addition, they have a disability or difference, such as, a specific learning disability—Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or Autism Spectrum Disorder—or an emotional/behavioral concern. Sometimes their difference or disability overshadows their intelligence or knowledge, and in other cases their intelligence or verbal ability masks the difference or disability. 2E children ​ Sometimes, simple accommodations for these students (e.g., classroom layout, understanding their learning styles, specific learning materials or coaching) can make all the difference between an educational environment that is a struggle and one that they love coming to each day. ​ Given the undiagnosed prevalence of 2E, we provide parents some resources on self-identification below. In an academic environment, a 2E child may have difficulty with Performance expectations, perfectionism Frustration, Low motivation, Refusal to do busy work Timed tasks, inability to plan and organize Lack of interest/boredom (labeled as lazy), easily distracted Low self-esteem or self-confidence Teachers describing them as bright but they struggle to complete the work Behavior difficulties Thrives in multiple areas but struggles in a specific subject or applying strategies learned At home, a 2E child may Describe school as boring Be unmotivated to complete homework Refuse to participate in school Be behaviorally immature Need to be right Ask lots of questions Show poor study habits A child with ADHD might Have difficulty paying attention Have difficulty following directions Exhibit shy or withdrawn behavior Be easily distracted Seem disorganized, lazy, or careless Often be late or lose track of time Be forgetful, and particular challenged with multi-step tasks Be slow to process some kinds of information (verbal or written) Be restless Show impulsive speech, frequently interrupt, or talk excessively Have difficulty regulating their emotions, be easily frustrated Have trouble waiting their turn Have trouble with transitions Have poor social skills, or difficulty making/keeping friends A child with a learning disability might Struggle to pay attention in specific subjects Avoid homework of a specific subject Get easily frustrated by a specific subject Fall asleep in class Be talkative or distracted Parents may also find helpful as a first step: online screening tools Vanderbilt ADHD Diagnostic Childhood Autism Spectrum Test Autism Spectrum Screening Questionnaire Ultimately, families should consult with a professional who is knowledgeable about identifying 2E students. You may want to speak with your child's pediatrician. , we'll maintain a list of licensed therapists specializing in 2E children who have offered to speak to our families as a professional courtesy to help them understand their options for identifying 2E issues and coaching them through the 504/IEP process. For parents that don't know where to start Visit Alyse Bone, MS, CRC, LPC, RYT-200 - website or send Alyse an email. ​ 3. Immigrant Student This preference category applies to any student who was not born in the United States has not attended U.S. schools for more than three full school years. If you believe both of these conditions apply to your child, you can denote "immigrant student" status in your application. and ​​ : Your child moved to the United States at age 2, attended school in the United States starting in Kindergarten, and is currently in 2nd grade. Since the child was not born in the United States and has completed only 2.5 school years at the time of application, he or she qualifies as an immigrant student. Example ​ 4. English Learner This preference category applies to any child whose most recent public or private school records identify the child as an English learner a child who has never been enrolled in a public or private school and whose Home Language is other than English. or ​ During the enrollment process, Telra will administer a Home Language Survey . If you indicate a Home Language other than English, we will follow up with you and may perform a screening assessment to understand your child's English proficiency and to determine what kind of ongoing English Learner support they may need. ​ If you believe your child may qualify, then we suggest you indicate English Learner status on your application. If you are not sure, you can read more about English Learner identification process , or please contact us for more information. Admissions Overview

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    • Welcome Letter from Principal Armour

      Hello, It is my absolute pleasure to say welcome to you, our Founding Families. You have the fabulous opportunity to be a trailblazer in a new educational program. I am excited to work with you to realize Telra’s vision and culture. When asked what attracted me to Telra, my immediate response was the model of instruction and depth of differentiation. It is very similar to that which I grew up with, as a wee girl, in Scotland, and the model I taught with both in Scotland and here in the US. So, I can now say that I am Principal of a school that makes me feel right at home. It is my desire that your child, and your family feel at home here too. About me A wee bit about me. I was born in Glasgow, Scotland, the youngest of four children. I have to say that one of my best friends in the whole wide world is my brother Des. I love him with all of my heart. I began teaching in Scotland as a PE teacher and have taught in high schools, middle schools and elementary schools. I went back to school, a few times, to earn various other teaching credentials such as K-6 Elementary, Exceptional Children, and Principals Administration. Early on in all of that I became a mum. I have two daughters, Emma (24) and Lucy (22). They are the light of my life. I do not know what I did to get two kindhearted, hardworking, smart and beautiful young women, but I am thankful. We drive each other bonkers at times, but that is family life. We also have two adorable (at least to us) puppies whom we rescued. Jazz and Murphy are both 4 years old. You will hear about them often, and yes, my daughters too, as they are with me all of the time these days! We have lived in the US for 15 years. Emma and Lucy are now US citizens and I am waiting on my turn coming around, hopefully soon. Your child’s experience at Telra At Telra our mission is to nourish the minds and bodies of students with a rigorous, differentiated educational environment. By rigorous we mean ‘meaningful productive struggle’, learning something new, or working towards learning something new each day. By doing so we will develop the whole child to think critically, logically and with reasoning. We will instill a lifelong sense of curiosity, passion, initiative and tenacity, coupled with the grit, persistence and capacity to achieve them. Woven in and out of all of this is our focus on social and emotional development, physical activity and play. Any of you who have spoken to me know that I am very passionate about kids being active and learning to play with, fall out, and then fall back in with their ‘pals’. So, your wee one will come home each night having been cognitively challenged, physically active, full of chat about pals and how to be a good pal, messy, a wee bit dirty, tired, and most of all happy. Each one of your wee ones will become part of a group of students in their class, grade level and whole school. Each day they will be taught by a collaborative multi-person teaching team that is led by an experienced Grade Level Lead Teacher. They will be taught, throughout the day, by moving in and out of groups with children who are at the same ‘jumping off point’ as they are (for our core areas of English Language Arts and Math), and with a conglomerate of peers for other content areas such as science, social studies, art, and PE. Not to mention the super important lunch and recess. More to come We are working through the small details required to open a successful school. You will hear me refer to that as ‘sweating the wee stuff’. The ‘wee stuff’ that makes a big difference to you and your families. There will be much information in the coming months to follow on ‘the wee stuff’, but there are few important reminders to mention now: Our first day of school is Monday 23rd August 2021. It is critical to our success that you attend on that first day and continue to attend each day to enable us to secure funding and realize everything that we are working towards for Telra students. Please see our school calendar Our school address is 807 S. Trade St, Matthews, NC, 28105 Starting Thursday the 18th of February, you will receive the Thursday Telra Telegraph. It will be a valuable source of information for you with the ‘wee stuff’ detailed out. Please take time to read it, digest it, and if required email me with questions, ( Please let me reiterate my complete excitement in welcoming you as a Founding Telra Family. You have a committed and experienced Senior Leadership Team ready to serve you and provide the most wonderful educational experiences for your wee ones. Your enrollment forms have been received, but if your child is new to school, (rising kindergarten student), please remember to submit his or her health form. May I suggest that you get to that sooner rather than later, (COVID delays and beating the back-to-school rush). Fun and exciting times ahead. Yours, Cecilia Armour Telra Institute, Principal

    • Livecast Recording

      Thank you for joining us yesterday on the Lottery Livecast. If you missed it or had to leave before the end of the Q&A, you can access the full video here. Reminder: The Telra Leadership team hosts virtual office hours on Fridays from 9 to 10a What Happens Next Validated lottery results will be released in a few days. Families who have been accepted will receive an email with instructions on how to... 1. Accept or decline your seat (15 days to respond) 2. Complete your enrollment form online (30 days to respond) If you find yourself on the waitlist, please be patient. Many of you will still have an opportunity to attend. Some families may decline their admissions offers over the next 15-45 days. Additionally, Telra staff is working to add more seats over the next few months. Continue to check the lottery results page to see your waitlist progress. Friends Can Still Apply! Applications have re-opened. The sooner your friends apply, the better their waitlist position will be (behind anyone who applied during Open Enrollment.) All new applications will be served on a first-come first-served basis as space allows. Go to enrollment. Telra Families group on FB We welcome you to join the Telra Families group on Facebook—a community forum to meet other families, ask questions, and share information. Follow Telra's official Facebook page and Instagram account.

    • Assignment Lottery Livecast

      Join us Tuesday, January 19th at 1:00 p.m. for a livecast of our assignment lottery. AGENDA: Open Q&A with your hosts while waiting for families to join Lottery: Watch live as Lotterease computes the lottery (Q&A continues) Preliminary (uncertified) lottery results released. Results will post HERE. Use your student’s application ID to see if they have been preliminarily assigned or placed on the wait list. Applications re-open Closing Q&A Tuesday, January 19, 2021 — 1:00 p.m. Microsoft Teams meeting Join on your computer or mobile app Click here to join the meeting Or call in (audio only) +1 980-213-0751,,557460389# United States, Charlotte Phone Conference ID: 557 460 389# If you are offered a seat in the lottery, within a few days you will receive an email with instructions on how to complete the enrollment process. Note: The Lottery Livecast was recorded for the benefit of families who could not attend live.

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