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  • Our Partners | Telra Institute

    Our Partners Thank you to our partners in the community who have helped make Telra Institute a reality. Alyse Bone MS, CRC, LPC, RYT-200 Technology Telra students and staff have access to think-cell to create professional-level charts and presentations as they learn to understand and tell stories with math. Learn more at

  • Elementary School | Telra Institute | United States

    A challenging, accelerated, and differentiated K-5 experience for advanced learners Join the Telra family Current school year enrollment (K-3) Start here Interested in Middle School? Let us know! Lottery for Fall 2022 entry will be held early 2022 Join mailing list Telra Institute is a free public school that opened Fall 2021 in the south Charlotte metro. Read more about our location, calendar, transportation, meals, uniforms, and more! Let's Go! Designed to challenge every student every day 5+ hours of advanced or gifted instruction per day Our Approach Distinctive program balanced to educate the whole child 5 days of Math, Humanities, and PE per week Our Curriculum Quality teaching and small class sizes 15-20 Students per Class Careers Innovative school where unique kids can feel at home Personalized Learning Plan for every child 100% Learn More Be the first to know about Telra news and important dates for enrollment Join List

  • Early Entry | Telra Institute

    Enrollment of Early Entrants to Kindergarten Eligibility criteria A child who has passed the fourth anniversary of the child’s birth on or before April 16 may qualify for early admission to Kindergarten. (A child who reaches the age of five years on or before August 31 qualifies to enter Kindergarten through the regular enrollment process . ) The Principal, along with a committee of professional educators, will consider the following factors in determining the eligibility of a four-year-old child to enter Kindergarten: 1. Aptitude and Achievement tests ​ a. Aptitude: The child should score at the 98th percentile or higher on a standard individual test of intelligence such as the Stanford-Binet, the Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence, the Kaufman Anderson, or any other comparable test administered by a licensed psychologist. If using a test other than those named here, a parent or guardian should ask the Principal to ensure that it qualifies. ​ b. Achievement: The child should score at the 98th percentile or higher on either reading or mathematics on a standard test of achievement such as the Metropolitan Readiness Test, the Stanford Early School Achievement Test, the Mini Battery of Achievement, the Woodcock-Johnson, the Test of Early Mathematics Ability, the Test of Early Reading Ability, or any other comparable test administered by a licensed psychologist, a member of the psychologist’s professional staff, or a professional educator who is trained in the use of the instrument and who has no conflict of interest in the outcome of the assessment. ​ 2. Work sample The parent or guardian shall submit a sample of the child’s work that shows outstanding examples of ability (well above age peers) in any area including, but not limited to, art, mathematics, writing, dramatic play, creative productions, science, or social interactions. ​ 3. Recommendation letters The parent or guardian shall provide two recommendation letters with specific documentation of physical and social maturity from preschool teachers, childcare workers, pediatricians, or others who have direct knowledge of the child. Useful documentation checklists include the California Preschool Competency Scale, the Harrison Scale, or any other comparable scale of early social development. The documents should show that the child demonstrates social and developmental maturity sufficient to participate in a structured setting for a full school day. ​ 4. Interviews The Principal shall conduct an informal interview with the child and a more structured interview with the parent or guardian to assess the child’s reading skills and to determine if the child displays a thirst for knowledge and seeks new and challenging learning situations. Enrollment timeline and provisional lottery entry A four-year-old child may participate in Telra admissions lottery and enrollment process on a provisional basis provided the parent or guardian follows the timeline described below: 1. The parent or guardian must contact the school and indicate the intent to apply for early admission to kindergarten. Only after receiving a waiver from the school, may the parent or guardian enter the child into the admissions process. ​ 2. The admissions and wait list process will proceed as normal for the child, however if the child is assigned a seat it will be considered provisional . ​ 3. The parent or guardian must submit (a) the Aptitude and Achievement tests, (b) Work sample, and (c) Recommendation letters by March 1. If the required documents are not received by this date, the child will be withdrawn from any provisionally assigned seat. ​ 4. The school will reach out to schedule the interviews no later than three weeks after receiving the required documentation. ​ 5. The school shall decide whether to grant early admission within three weeks of receiving all required documents and completing the interviews. ​ 6. If enrollment is granted, it will be considered conditional for up to 90 days to observe whether the child is able to adjust to the school setting. If, within this period, school staff determine that the child is not appropriately placed, the parent or guardian will be invited to assist in the development of intervention strategies for the child. If these strategies are not successful, the school shall provide the parent at least 10 days notice before exiting the child. Admissions Overview

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  • Chipotle Fundraiser, Sat. 10/23

    Support our school when you enjoy Chipotle for dinner on Saturday, Oct. 23, from 4p to 8p— 11619 Waverly Center Dr, Charlotte, NC 28277 Two ways to get credit for the school: 1. Order in-person: Mention “Telra” to the cashier at checkout. Make sure to tell them you’re here for the fundraiser before you pay. 2. Order online: Using the coupon code EKP6FXG 33% of the event sales go to benefit Telra Supporting Organization.

  • Telra School Supply Lists

    For families who either missed ordering school supplies through EduKit, or who preferred to shop for supplies on their own, here are Telra's school supply lists by grade level. ***Please note that you may shop for any brand, not just the brands specified!*** Kindergarten 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade These lists are also on the Attending Telra page of our website.

  • Telra School Supply Kits

    Telra Institute offers the EduKit program as a convenient option for busy families to order school supplies for the upcoming school year. EduKits are custom made for our school and contain exactly what students need to start the year off right. ​ Your child's order will be in the classroom on the first day of school. ​ KIT PRICES BY GRADE LEVEL: Kindergarten Kit - $45.00 Grade 1 Kit - $57.00 Grade 2 Kit - $51.00 Grade 3 Kit - $64.00 *Prices are valid on orders placed by 6/20/21. *Sales tax, if applicable, will be added at check out. ​ EduKit recommends you place your order by 6/20/21 for the best prices and free shipping. They will send a confirmation email after your order has been placed. ​ ***Extended ordering is available from June 21 - July 25 for an additional fee and will be delivered to your home shortly before school begins.*** Donate A Kit If you would like to buy an extra kit to donate, please enter "Principal Armour" as the student's first and last name.

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