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The Power of Yet

As you begin visioning your life for 2021, invite your children to set a few goals as well, which fosters self-direction and independence.

Gifted or advanced learners sometimes struggle with perfectionism and self-esteem, which can manifest as frustration, harsh self-criticism, and giving up too quickly when 'satisfactory' results aren't immediate.

Telra Institute has partnered with Heartcentered to bring you "The Power of Yet" printable (download here). This easy exercise will help promote patience, gratitude, resilience, and ultimately neural growth.

The best coaches understand the importance of psychosocial strength training, or “mental toughness,” for elite athletic performance.

A good teacher recognizes that students also need to develop their inner game to realize their full academic and personal potential.

We believe that social emotional learning (SEL) is critical for educating the whole child. Learn more about our three-fold approach to Social Emotional Learning (SEL).

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